Saint Petersburg I. P. Pavlov State Medical University

Saint Petersburg I.P.Pavlov medical university (former th first Leningrad I.P.Pavlov Medical Institute) was founded in 1897 and at present time it is one of the leading medical school in Russia.

The University has great scientific, teaching potential and has good relations with many medical schools and institutions of different countries. The University has been training more than 47000 graduates and post-graduate students during 100 years. There were more than 3000 foreign citizens among them. They are come from 96 countries.

Since its establishment close to 50000 physicians have been trained there.  The University consists of a large number of clinics, medical departments and scientific research Institutes. More than 43 hospitals are used as teaching ones for students.Among there are the first in Europe specialized hospital for infectious diseases (Botkin hospital), the first Pediatric hospital (Philatov hospital) and other modern hospitals of Saint-Petersburg.All clinics, departments and research centers are provided with modern medical equipment.

The University has strong relations with Saint-Petersburg Research Medical Centers, which are also used as teaching bases (Institute of Cardiology, Institute of Oncology, Radiological Institute, Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and so on), as well as with more than 17 medical universities and institutes of the USA, France, Finland, Sweden, Britain, Denmark, China and so on. The diploma of the University is of high prestige and is recognized in the world

Pavlov State Medical University of Saint-Petersburg possesses one of the largest medical libraries in Russia with more than 1000000 books in its collection. Among them one can find medical textbooks, scientific books and journals, concerning the latest medical problems. New books are regularly added to its vast collection. The University has a large computer center. The teaching staff of the University consists of 719 professors and lecturers, more than 450 of them having scientific degrees. Many scientists are full or associate members of international scientific academies. About 2800 physicians and nurses work at the University clinics, providing excellent medical care. The University can offer postgraduate educational program (internship, residency, fellowship courses) for medical graduates in more than 40 medical specialties. Every year more than 300 physicians undergo postgraduate training.

SPMU Clinics

The Clinics have a total of 2000 beds some of which are specialized nephrological, pulmonological and cardiological services. The clinical facilities include a large consultative-diagnostic OutPatient Department.

The University is a major educational, scientific and clinical centre of the Russia North-West. Every year 600 new students enter the university.

Begining from 1945, a course of training is provided to foreign students. Since then about 2000 citizens from 65 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have qualified for the diploma, and more than 400 doctors from foreign countries have pursued a course of practical work, specialization, clinical studies or post-graduate research for Ph D degrees (candidate or doctor of sciences in medicine).

The degree is recognized all over the world, W.H.O. and in M.C.I


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  • MCI/WHO Recognize Quality education
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