7Manchester is too big a place to include everything about it here. However, we have tried to make this website as informative, useful, accessible, extensive and encyclopaedic as we can. We set out to create an exhuastive guide to the city and the region, including its history and culture, as well as its business, contacts, entertainments and accommodation. We are continually adding more as it becomes available or known to us, and to this end we welcome suggestions for inclusion.

The original Manchester was an old town which has been inhabited since Roman times, when General Julius Agricola built a fort just north of the site of present day city, though it was not until the 18th century that this hitherto remote and inconspicuous little medieval township sprang into the forefront of world attention, and not until the mid-19th century that it became a city. Actually, it was the neighbouring City of Salford that dominated the region, and the Salford Hundred covered all lands between the River Ribble to the north and the Mersey to the south, and to this day the sovereign still bears the title of Lord of the Manor of Salford.

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